Why You Should Add Mt. Pinatubo to Your Travel Bucket List

Mt. Pinatubo travel

Since it’s more fun in the Philippines, why not begin my first-ever travel post with a trip to Mt. Pinatubo? Traveling has always been one of the things I love doing the most. I believe that experience cannot be topped by any material things in this world, thus, I make it a point to visit different places whenever I have time and, of course, money. It’s like a therapy for me, especially when I get too stressed with all life’s challenges or simply feel like exploring something new with family or friends.

Last January, I had the chance to see Mt. Pinatubo in the flesh. No photos can do justice to its natural beauty, I swear. You have to witness its stunning panoramic view and scenic surrounding yourself. When I laid my eyes on it, I was truly in awe. I never thought it’s this majestic, knowing that it caused a huge catastrophe to many people, including us, in the past. Indeed, it is a beautiful disaster.

Mt. Pinatubo is the second mountain I have survived, next to Mt. Pico de Loro. My friends and I planned this trip for we all want to have an unforgettable hiking experience together and it was a post-birthday climb for me, too. I am just so glad that we pushed through because Pinatubo is included in my travel bucket list. Thanks to my very good friend, Regina, for inviting us, Kevin, Mont, and I. Definitely, it’s one for the books!

So, here are my top four reasons why you should visit Mt. Pinatubo soon and enjoy an ultimate hiking adventure:

Thrilling 4 x 4 Experience

As seen in the photo above, expect a very bumpy 4 x 4 jeepney ride on the way to the mountain. Unfortunately, the four of us were divided into two groups. Regina and Kevin were the first to leave then Mont and I followed. It could’ve been more fun if we rode the same 4 x 4, nonetheless, it was still enjoyable. Although it’s a dusty journey, you will be greeted with astounding scenery along the way. If I’m not mistaken, it took us about an hour to reach the start of the trekking point. Just prepare yourself for it and enjoy this exciting ride.

Adorable Aeta Kids


One of the highlights of this trip was these adorable Aeta kids. It was a joy to see them while trekking. I felt like my exhaustion was lessened when I saw them and flashed their pretty smiles at us. You will be able to interact with them while having a quick break or take a photo together. I bet they’re used to this since most hikers would love to have a souvenir picture with them like they’re celebrities. How I wish I brought some food, clothes, or toys with me, though. If I’ll be given another opportunity to come back here, I’ll stay longer and bring something for them.

Worthwhile Trek

To reach Mt. Pinatubo, you have to trek for about two hours. It was a long and tiring hike, but really worth it. The trail seemed easy as the ground is fairly flat and there are no high assaults, but you have to walk through the occasional stream of water as well as rocks of various sizes. There’s nothing to worry about the entire trek, for there are guides who will help you out. Here’s a tip: don’t forget to apply face and body sunscreen before the trek begins because the sun’s heat can damage your skin. Also, bring enough water and eat heavy breakfast prior to your adventure.

Picturesque View

All the exhaustion will absolutely pay off once you get to see the gorgeous crater lake. It was a surreal sight! I have never seen such beaut in my life (no exaggeration). You will appreciate the breathtaking view from afar, especially when you come closer to it. We stayed there for like an hour to eat lunch, rest a bit, and do some photo ops. Remember, swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited. All you can do is stare at its beauty for a moment and take pictures.

My Mt. Pinatubo day-tour experience is one of the most memorable trips I had this year. It’s a great way to destress and be one with nature once in a while. Though it was an exhausting journey, still it’s rewarding. Hence, add this amazing tourist attraction to your travel bucket list and explore it with your loved ones. Surely, there’s nothing to regret about it and you will have the best time of your life. (Below is a slideshow of images taken from this trip.)



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