Blog Spot: Holiday Treat 2016


It was my pleasure to be invited at Blog Spot: Holiday Treat 2016 last December 2. This one-night event was hosted by Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions (FAME), Inc. and held at The Bayleaf in Intramuros. It gathered a number of social media influencers and bloggers from various industries for a cocktail dinner and some socialization alongside different consumer brands.

Apparently, it’s now my third year attending a bloggers’ event. It is always a fun experience to witness such an event and get to know more people from other industries as well as learn new things from them. So, I attended this event together with my friends, Ann, Kevin, and Alette, to support our very own friend, Regina, since she’s one of the organizers of this early Christmas treat for bloggers.

Enlightening Talks

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the first part of the program because I’m late (blame it on that 4-hour traffic). However, I was still able to listen to the other speakers and made it to the raffle. Haha! Most of the speakers highlighted the importance of health and wellness to everyone. Health plays a vital role in our lives, thus, we need to take good care of our body all the time.

As the saying goes, health is wealth. Each individual needs to eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, drink lots of water, and have enough sleep. These are just some of the things that we all need to do in order to live a happy and healthy life.

After the speakers said their piece, the floor was opened for the question and answer portion. There were a lot of insights and information shared that night and I am glad to grasp these informative ideas on health, lifestyle, and beauty.

More so, Zen Health Magazine has been launched again as an official online magazine of FAME, Inc. at Blog Spot: Holiday Treat 2016. Its main goal is to reach modern-day and empowered Filipinas out there easily through its science-backed facts and inspirational stories from some of the most influential women of the Philippines. Also, the all-new Travel Plus Magazine website was featured during the event and the company’s first-ever free mobile application— H&L Mobile App.

Exciting Giveaways

Of course, one of the exciting parts of the event was the giving out of freebies and raffle prizes. The major sponsors of the event, which include Uncle Tetsu, Japonesa Bar and Soap, Sleepwell, Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio, Delsey Paris, Isopharma, and C-Lium Fiber, were generous enough for sharing their products to all the attendees. I guess it was a lucky night for my friends and I because all our names were picked during the raffle. Yay! Not to mention, sumptuous dinner was served as well then.

Overall, I can say that Blog Spot: Holiday Treat 2016 was a success. All of us had a great time listening to all the speakers and the experience will always be cherished. ‘Til the next event!

Thank you so much, FAME, Inc. and to all the sponsors!