Adulting 101: Nobody Said It Was Easy


Let’s face it, adulting is hard. As one of the hit songs of Coldplay goes, nobody said it was easy. True enough, adulting is one of the complex stages of life, which everyone needs to go through. Whether you like it or not, you will become an adult at a certain point in your life. There is no escaping adulthood, for it is part of human existence.

When I was a child, I can’t wait to become a grown-up. I was too excited to finally do things on my own, live independently, and start making a living. Everything seems to be thrilling, so I thought adulting is just as simple as having total freedom and being able to do whatever you want. But I was absolutely wrong.

The Struggle is Real

Adulthood eventually sets in and before I knew it, it smacked me right in the face. The excitement and endless possibilities were abruptly turned into trials and sacrifices. Apparently, I am now living in the “real world” and I’m struggling. It was not really what I expected to be and it’s way different from the concept I had in mind when I was little. I felt blindsided and my life seemed to be uncertain since.

After college graduation, things began to change quickly. Getting a job for the first time was tough. It took me a couple attempts to finally land on my first work. However, my quest doesn’t end there. Working in the corporate world is taxing and overwhelming. I need to get along with different kinds of colleagues, deal with foreign bosses, perform the job at least satisfactorily, meet deadlines, be on time, and the list goes on. The idea of making a living entails a lot of responsibilities and it can be paralyzing, especially when it comes to money management. Not to mention, you also have to cope with heartbreaks along the way.

Nobody Has it All Together

As I try to become an adult, life gets more confusing day by day. Sometimes I worry too much about not figuring things out or if I’m even doing the right thing. Then the realization of getting my life together and setting my priorities straight hit me hard. Yes, it’s difficult to adult, but there’s no reason to be hard on yourself. Nobody will ever figure out all the things about life, so I might as well stop overthinking. The perfect time will come for me to know the purpose behind these things, anyway.

Work-Life Balance

While I hustle hard to earn money, pay bills, and suffice all my needs (and wants), I became too focused on work alone. I forgot that I still have a life outside of work. This is adulthood’s way of saying, hey, there exists a thing called work-life balance, I guess. Career is important, nonetheless, one shouldn’t forget to socialize and have fun from time to time. Give yourself a break at times; you deserve it. Just learn how to manage your time wisely and you won’t get stressed with all the work you need to finish.

Friends Slowly Drift Apart

With all the shifts that happened to my life, I realized that some friends are not meant to stick around. Not all my buddies in grade school, high school, or college stayed when I reached adulthood. Well, I think that’s normal. Each of us chooses different paths in life. Some of my friends lived abroad, entered graduate school, got married, had their own families, and worked professionally full time. No matter what path you decide to take, if the foundation you’ve built for your friendship is solid, nothing can break it.

Ultimately, adulting is a great way to mold you into a stronger and wiser individual. Every adult struggles to survive life, fears change, makes mistakes, gets depressed, disappoints other people, and does foolish things. At the end of the day, you are never alone in dealing adulthood. There are a lot of people out there who feel the same way you do, so live it up and continue learning from all your experiences.


  1. Adulting? Looks like you’re just on your puberty stage 😂😁 ✌
    You will never know what is life out there unless you’ll take the risk 👍
    Freedom comes with great responsibilties.

  2. Hey adult! Haha! It’s a process girl people may have gone through it differently but nevertheless it’s still life itself 🙂 Let’s just make the most out of it. Love you sissy i’m proud of you 🙂

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