Eunise is a millennial writer who curates articles for a living. Writing has always been her passion because it is what she loves doing the most, along with traveling. She finds happiness in sharing her thoughts, experiences, and knowledge to the online world, mainly the reason why this blog has been created.

She is a proud Kapampangan and fondly called as Nase by her family and friends. Aside from writing, she also captures photos, drinks coffee, explores new places, reads books, and listens to good music most of the time. Practicing calligraphy or hand lettering keeps her busy at times, too.

Furthermore, she took up AB Asian Studies at the University of Santo Tomas during her college days. In 2011, she started her career as a professional writer. It hasn’t been an easy journey ever since. Nonetheless, with her determination as well as the guidance of her mentors and colleagues, she was able to develop and utilize her writing skills properly.

The Little-Known Millennial Scribbler firmly believes that if you have a passion and want to pursue it, then you must make a move now and let it happen. Trials, failures, and mistakes will always be a part of life, so you’ve got to be tough and never be afraid of trying things out. No matter how long it takes you to achieve all of your dreams or goals, what’s important is that you’re doing something significant to turn these into reality. It only takes five seconds of pure courage to take the plunge and make a difference to your life.