Central Perk: A Homey Friends-Themed Café

Central Perk

Cafés are one of my favorite places to go to because I’m a sucker for coffee. I love discovering new coffee shops in town and trying out their great-tasting coffee. So, one of the perfect spots to spend my birthday last January was in a café. On the evening of my 26th year, I went to Central Perk and had a mini birthday celebration there. Continue Reading

Dear Self, You Will Make It This 2017


A brand-new year has come and it is the perfect time to start all over again. I am deeply grateful to the Almighty for all the things that happened to me in 2016 — good or bad. This 2017, I will reach for my goals, do more of what makes me happy, and go out of my comfort zone. I know there will be tons of obstacles that I need to surpass before accomplishing these, nonetheless, I will try my best to make them happen this year.

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Blog Spot: Holiday Treat 2016


It was my pleasure to be invited at Blog Spot: Holiday Treat 2016 last December 2. This one-night event was hosted by Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions (FAME), Inc. and held at The Bayleaf in Intramuros. It gathered a number of social media influencers and bloggers from various industries for a cocktail dinner and some socialization alongside different consumer brands.

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Why You Should Add Mt. Pinatubo to Your Travel Bucket List

Mt. Pinatubo travel

Since it’s more fun in the Philippines, why not begin my first-ever travel post with a trip to Mt. Pinatubo? Traveling has always been one of the things I love doing the most. I believe that experience cannot be topped by any material things in this world, thus, I make it a point to visit different places whenever I have time and, of course, money. It’s like a therapy for me, especially when I get too stressed with all life’s challenges or simply feel like exploring something new with family or friends.

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Loss of a Lifetime and Change of Worlds


Exactly a year ago, I received the most heart-wrenching news of my life. My phone rang as an unknown contact was calling and I didn’t hesitate to answer it right away. Honestly, I’m not the type of person who ignores calls from unregistered numbers, mainly because there might be an emergency or important matter I need to address to. After all, I can hang up if it’s a prank call or something. Continue Reading

Adulting 101: Nobody Said It Was Easy


Let’s face it, adulting is hard. As one of the hit songs of Coldplay goes, nobody said it was easy. True enough, adulting is one of the complex stages of life, which everyone needs to go through. Whether you like it or not, you will become an adult at a certain point in your life. There is no escaping adulthood, for it is part of human existence. Continue Reading

Introductory Post


After years of thinking whether to create my own website or not, I finally made a decision today. Since I’ve been a writer for half a decade now, I might as well take my writing career to the next level. Apparently, building a personal website is difficult, but with patience, hard work, and dedication, one will surely be able to make it. Continue Reading